A Tuscan cross section in the comfortable and peaceful medieval city: Lucca, a place, where peacefulness, culture and entertainment are blended together in a mix of situations in which choose how to spend the best vacation.
During the day through streets noiseless you can catch the typical atmosphere of a Tuscan small town, then during the noon stroll around the crowded tiny piazzas with its typical bars, cafes and restaurants where you can taste and experience the flavor of the characteristic Tuscan food and get mixed up with local people.

Our apartment, placed in the heart of the old town, is the perfect place to spend your Tuscan holiday, to live the city and its surroundings, fall in love with its small enchanting streets, squares and countryside.
In the morning overseeing on Piazza del Giglio, location of the city Theater, be captured by the elegant XVII century Palazzo Ducale – Elisa Baciocchi’s Palace, sister of Napoleone Bonaparte – then begin the day with some jogging looking towards the windows and glimpse across the roofs the sun rising through the trees of the renascence walls.
Yes, because Lucca, a Tuscan treasure, is a city full of surprises and allure that overwhelm the curious and ambitious visitor to discover the unknown Tuscany… the most beautiful one!

Walking around you will discover many aspects and details : from the lush Lucca’s landscape with its vineyards and olive trees that suggest itineraries in where imagination flows, from Garfagnana’s hills with its local food and Versilia’s sunshine beaches such as the fancy Forte dei Marmi and Lido di Camaiore.

Have fun in Lucca

Rent a bike

Tours and excursions to explore the region. Personalized excursions for beginners or experienced travellers.Let us know what you are looking for.

Wine Tasting

We selected the most prestigious and famous cellars to taste local products and enjoy the countryside.

Dinner with lucca Family

Spend a relaxina evening with a local family to experience the tuscan atmosphere and taste delicious meals.

Pic nic

Did you catch a special spot where to make a pic nic? We can make your dreams come true preparing a basket with all local products so you will enjoy and taste all those goods under a olive tree or in an old town.

Tour guides

We can provide a local tour guides.

Cooking class experience

We can arrange a Cooking Class Experience with a lucchese chef in a beautiful special place in Lucca’s surrounding.